Girl Talk: Anything But Small Talk

Photo of a girl putting on mascara."My mom says I am too young for makeup—she is just so uncool."

"Everyone I know is wearing a bra—everyone except me."

"There's this cute guy in my chemistry class…"

"My mom always takes my brother's side!"

"Is it true that when you start shaving you have to keep doing it?"

How many times have you heard these (or similar) comments from girls? There's a reason—girls want and need to talk about family rules, makeup, boys, and body changes. Girls as young as nine years old are beginning to explore their feelings and ask questions about their changing relationships.

As a savvy leader/advisor you understand that girls don't want to hear a lecture from an adult. You know they want tips, information, and answers from their peers first.

So how do you use your Girl Scout meetings to address the issues of boys, makeup, and family dynamics with the girls? It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Atmosphere Counts

When girls want time to talk, how do they want to do it? Do they want girl talk while their hands are busy in an activity? Will it be structured time—with the girls choosing the topics they want to discuss? Or is a "chips and chat" the perfect setting for "not-so-small-talk" amongst the girls? Remember to ask the girls if they want you to be part of the conversation or take a behind-the-scenes role. Let the girls decide what would work best for them.

Chatter—Not Clatter

When girls are chatting about boys, makeup, and body changes, each may have a different opinion. Welcome and encourage girls to exchange their ideas and opinions. After all, that's what Girl Scouts is all about—helping girls learn how to express themselves and respond to others in a respectful way.

Keep It Safe

Girls talk to each other and may share misinformation on a serious issue. Why not give girls a safe place to get accurate facts and information—your next troop or group meeting can be a great place to start.

Girl Scouts has always strived to give girls a safe place to explore their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. In today's fast-paced world, girls need you and Girl Scouting. So, go ahead and have the girls chat it up!