Are you ready to get her there? Yes!

Every girl has greatness inside her. Yet she faces barriers she can't withstand alone: a lack of role models, unhealthy images of beauty, peer pressure to not stand out, and a mean-girl culture.

With your help, she's one step closer to breaking through those barriers and blossoming into her full potential. Your time as a mentor will give her the environment she needs to pursue the interests, causes, and leadership roles that are most important to her. She'll learn from you that being a scientist, a CEO, or a stay-at-home mom are all paths she can take to change the world. With your support, she'll stand up, stand out, and stand tall.

Explore volunteering opportunities in your community. Give us a click. And help get her there.

We believe Girl Scouting's unique leadership experience is the best way for girls to reach their full potential. But it's not the only way. Check out opportunities for one-on-one mentoring with Big Sisters and Girls Inc. If it's good for girls, it's good for us.