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Industrial engineering combines traditional engineering skills with business savvy, working toward two main goals: 1) create high-quality products and services, and 2) obtain the highest level of productivity from people, the
equipment they work with, and processes by which they do their work. Although most industrial engineers used to work in manufacturing—from cars to furniture to cool electronics—many now focus on the healthcare, banking, airline, entertainment, and retail industries. (Starting salary: $58,358)

As an engineer you might
  • Studying and improving the flow of patients within a hospital, as they are admitted, tested, treated, and discharged?
  • Working with relief agencies to design the safest and most efficient processes to clean up after a natural disaster?
  • Improving the way people interact with ATMs so that neither customers nor teller machines ever make a mistake?

Want to know more?
Check out this video from Disney Industrial Engineering and find out how 60 industrial engineers spend their days improving quality and productivity at Walt Disney World.
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