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Have you used an MP3 player, microwave, or bicycle today? If so, you benefited from the work of a mechanical engineer. As problem-solvers who design the physical hardware of the items you use every day, some mechanical engineers also specialize in the packaging of those items. The majority of mechanical engineers work in manufacturing—mostly in machinery, transportation equipment, computer and electronic products, and fabricated metal products. (Starting salary: $58,766)

As an engineer you might
  • Designing the next generation of
    pollution-free cars?
  • Creating nanotechnology such as miniature medical devices that repair the human body?
  • Designing machines that produce recyclable products?

Want to know more?
Visit the American Society of Mechanical Engineers site at www.asme.org. Also, join the FIRST LEGO League to learn about robotics and programming, and explore engineering with LEGO Mindstorms. Start by finding out whether your school or community has a robotics club. This Web site provides an international list of community robotics clubs.
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