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Also available in Spanish (PDF)

Why Imagine Engineering?

African-American, Hispanic, and Native-American young adults are not being prepared to enter the workforce at the same rate as women from other ethnic groups, such as whites and Asian Americans. Yet the available jobs in engineering are increasing, and the pay is higher than in most fields. Young women of color are missing out on exceptional opportunities. By supporting girls at an early age, they will succeed in math and science and see engineering as a career choice.

The Imagine Engineering workshop encourages girls ages 13–17 to pursue careers in engineering. Even though young girls and boys are exposed to identical coursework, women are far less likely to choose careers in engineering than men are. By eighth grade, girls are half as likely to show an interest in engineering careers, and their confidence in math is lower than that of boys, despite similar abilities.

This handbook accompanies three handbooks for girls (Native-American Girls Imagine Engineering, African-American Girls Imagine Engineering, and Hispanic Girls Imagine Engineering) and gives you everything you need to host an Imagine Engineering workshop. And don’t worry if you’re not an engineer yourself, because this handbook guides you through every step with ease!