It's Your Planet—Love It!

Introducing the Second Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Daisies (Grades K-1)

Between Earth and Sky

Journey Awards

This journey presents Daisies the opportunity to earn three awards. Girls consider their feelings and skills and then take into account the feelings and skills of those around them. The girls then move on to engage their larger community and then they move out into their community to "do."

Although there's no set way to present it, you might spark the excitement of this award series by presenting the Between Earth and Sky background patch to all the Daisies at their first session. Or choose a way that works for the group.

The Blue Bucket Award

The Firefly Award

The Clover Award

Please note: typographical errors have been identified and are being corrected in the second edition. Certain corrections that may affect the understanding of content are: Adult book (first edition Aug. 2009) Page 58 – Line 1 – The name Clover should be capitalized. Page 71 – "Right, Left, East, West" – bullet point 1 – south, not west will be to your right. Page 74 – Paragraphs 4 and 5 – The name Zinni should be changed to Clover. Page 81 – Paragraph 6, line 1 – the word opening should read closing.