It's Your World—Change It!

Introducing the First Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Juniors (Grades 4-5)

Agent of ChangeAgent of Change

Power. In this journey, there’s a whole spiral of it waiting for Girl Scout Juniors. The journey is filled with ceremonies and circles, real-life heroines, and special new characters, including the fashion-savvy spider named Dez. Along the way, girls learn how their own power combines into team power and then moves out to become community power (kind of like how Dez weaves her web from the inside out). The journey’s centerpiece is a comic story of girl heroines who will inspire the Juniors as they take action to improve their own community.


Journey Awards

This Junior journey is filled with fun and friendship. From its start to its closing celebration, the girls will move from a deeper understanding of themselves to exploring how powerful they are as a team, to realizing the added strength they gain by reaching out in the wider community to take action with its members. Agent of Change offers girls a chance to earn three awards and record progress throughout the journey in their own ''Award Tracker.''

Correction - Adult book (first edition Aug. 2008)– Page 14 – Session 2 – Great Leaders… - last sentence: "They earn their first award, the Power of Team One Award." Girl book - page 27 - download replacement PDF under Resources at right (English or Spanish). Or download a printable label (PDF) which can be pasted over the page.