GirlSports National Evaluation

By Shannan McNair, Ed. D. and Melanie Hwalek, Ph.D. (New York, N.Y.: Girl Scouts of the USA and SPEC Associates, 2003). 116 pp.

Cover of GirlSports BasicsThe GirlSports National Evaluation, a collaborative project between Girl Scouts of the USA, SPEC Associates, Inc. (Social Program Evaluators and Consultants, Inc.) and participating councils, demonstrates the effectiveness of the GirlSports program activities in teaching beginning sports skills and promoting positive attitudes toward physical activity among girls ages 5-8. The beginning sports skills tested are the underhand throw, overhand throw, catching, kicking with the top of the foot, kicking with the inside of the foot, striking, and batting.

To guide the evaluation, a program logic model addressing initial and intermediate outcomes for girls, parents, and leaders was developed, and the following four assessment tools were used:

Girls, parents, and leaders enjoyed the GirlSports program, finding it both easy to implement and valuable to the girls. Furthermore, the results of the evaluation show an increase in the girls' skill levels in all of the sports skills tested and an increase in time spent by parents with their daughters in sports or physical activities.

Assessment tools and insights from this study will be helpful in training, program, fund development, and sports/recreation planning efforts within your council, as well as in raising Girl Scouting's profile in your community as a source of expertise.

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