Tool Kit for Measuring Outcomes of Girl Scout Resident Camp

By Girl Scouts of the USA (New York, N.Y.: GSUSA, 2000)

Junior Girl Scout Group Experience and CD-ROMIs resident camp really making a difference? The Tool Kit for Measuring Outcomes of Girl Scout Resident Camp will help you answer that question.

This Tool Kit is the result of extensive development and pre-testing involving selected Girl Scout councils nationwide. It is a collaborative project between Girl Scouts of the USA, SPEC Associates, Inc. (Social Program Evaluators and Consultants, Inc.) and participating councils. The Tool Kit, which focuses on Junior Girl Scouts, provides councils with instruments for measuring outcomes of the resident camp experience.

The Tool Kit includes:

Detailed instructions for administering each instrument — along with sample forms and charts — are also included. These pieces will help you measure how girls grow in personal skills and self-image, learn about their environment, and about relationship and community living skills.

The Tool Kit also contains:

With this Tool Kit, you will be able to measure the impact of the resident camp experience on girls.

For more information about the research, email the Girl Scout Research Institute or call (800) GSUSA 4 U.