Frequently Asked Questions

Global Girl Scouting


Q: Who do I contact if I want to stay at one of the four world centers?

A: Contact the world center directly:

Our Cabaña                Our Chalet                Pax Lodge                Sangam

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Q: What do I need to do if our Girl Scout group is planning to travel internationally?

A: Please complete an Intent to Travel form at least three to six months before departure so that Girl Scouts of the USA has a record of Girl Scouts who travel abroad. The WAGGGS Card of Introduction (blue card) is no longer required for international travel.

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Q. How do I obtain the International Commissioner’s Signature?

A: To obtain the International Commissioner' signature for world center applications, e-mail a scanned copy of the completed application to globalgirlscouting@girlscouts.org. If you are applying to participate in a WAGGGS sponsored event as a representative of GSUSA, please join the Global Leadership Opportunities pool. If you have questions, e-mail globalgirlscouting@girlscouts.org.

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Q: How do I connect with a Girl Guide/Girl Scout organization in another country?

A: The WAGGGS Web site contains contact information for member organizations that have given their approval to be contacted. Keep in mind that most member organizations are run by volunteers and may not be able to respond to international inquiries immediately. If you are wondering whether you should contact an organization directly, e-mail globalgirlscouting@girlscouts.org.

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Q: How do I find a Girl Guide/Girl Scout pen pal from another country?

A: However, several Girl Guide and Girl Scout association member organizations are looking for pen pals. Often you can find information on the member organization's web site. For a list of all the World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scout member organizations and their web sites, visit: www.wagggs.org/en/world. From these pages, you can link to individual country web sites to research pen pal programs. If there is a postal secretary listed, the country probably has a pen pal program. In addition, many Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have made connections via the WAGGGS Facebook group by posting requests to the group. Please keep in mind that Girl Scouts of the USA is the largest Girl Guide or Girl Scout organization in the world. Other member organizations may not be able to meet our demand for pen pals.

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Q: What resources are available on global education and awareness?

A: Check out our Global Resources list. Also visit our World Thinking Day pages.

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Q: What suggestions do you have for World Thinking Day?

A: You can find ideas and activities on our World Thinking Day page.

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Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about Global Girl Scouting?

A: E-mail globalgirlscouting@girlscouts.org or call (212) 852-8000.

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