What's this twinning business all about?

Glad you asked! Twinning, by definition, is a partnership between a Girl Scouts of the USA council and a WAGGGS member organization, or between two WAGGGS member organizations. Working together, Girl Scouts and their WAGGGS sisters provide leadership, inspiration, and service that is global—girls transcend borders and transform lives. Twinning is a powerful and positive example of how Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting are truly "something for all the girls of the world."

Cool! Where do I start?

Here! We've put together some resources—practical tips, write-ups of notable twinning projects, customizable templates, these sorts of things—to assist you in getting your own twinning project off the ground and soaring towards success.

First you'll want to check out our FAQ, where you'll find answers to the 5 W's and then some. Once you're equipped with the basics, click through content including—


Let the partnerships begin!