San Jacinto and México:
Building a Foundation for Future Cooperation

The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto council and their sisters, Las Guías de México, worked together towards the development of a community action project to benefit girls in both the U.S. and Mexico, with the intent to build girls' self-esteem and leadership skills while focusing on teen pregnancy prevention. Working with adult volunteers from both organizations, girls from San Jacinto and Las Guías de México set out to develop this project, launch a recruitment campaign, and utilize social media to share ideas, experiences, and news of their progress.

Although girls from both organizations were excited about the project, they encountered difficulties on the way to making it a reality. Challenges such as limited communication, conflicting schedules, and differing long-term objectives delayed the process some.

The project may not have resulted in a direct exchange between the girls; however, the experience allowed the two organizations to build a foundation for future partnerships and to increase awareness about the unique challenges each organization faces. Each team also gained an understanding of what will work and what they can do differently in the future. One volunteer participating in the twinning project said, "What is important is that the girls had the opportunity to learn about goal setting. They were exposed to cultural differences and learned to respect them, and they had the opportunity to earn money for a girl-led project that they are passionate about."