2014 World Thinking Day Daisy Activities

Note to Volunteers

The World Thinking Day award is an OFFICIAL Award that may be worn on the front of the Official Uniform sash or vest.

The theme for World Thinking Day 2014 is girls worldwide say "education opens doors for all girls and boys." This theme is based on United Nation's Millennium Development Goal 2, to achieve universal primary education, and is especially focused on making sure girls have access to education. Educating girls is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reduce global poverty.

Before getting started, please read our Statement of Trust (PDF). You may want to explain to girls that in different parts of the world, some girls and boys don't get to go to school because schools are far away and families can't get them there. Sometimes children have to work to raise money for their families, and therefore cannot attend school.

2014 World Thinking Day Daisy Activities

  1. Take photos or draw a picture of your school. You could draw the places you like best: your classroom, the cafeteria, the playground, etc. At the library or online (with adult help and supervision), search for pictures of schools that exist in other countries. How are far away schools different from your own? What are some of the things you have at your school that other children may not have?
  2. Find Namibia on a world map, then as a group, read aloud Go to School for a Day in Namibia. Talk about what's the same and different from your school and then draw pictures pretending that you are students at the school in Namibia. Share your pictures with the group.
  3. Ask your local librarian for age appropriate books about going to school or reading, like La Mariposa by Francisco Jiménez, Once Upon a Time by Niki Daly, Read for Me, Mama by Vashanti Rahaman, or A life Like Mine: How Children Live around the World by DK in association with UNICEF. Girls choose the book they want to read and talk about it together.
  4. Bring in some of your favorite children's books from home or from the library and explain why you like these stories. What did you learn from the stories? Discuss why learning to read is important.
  5. What a difference kindergarten makes! Kindergarten girls make a booklet all about kindergarten describing all the important things you have learned so far this year. Adults can record things for girls like how to sit in a circle, where to put lunches, how to take care of books, where to recycle things, etc. Girls can draw pictures for the booklet. Once completed, donate the book to the kindergarten classroom to help next year's students prepare for school.
  6. We can learn a lot from a book! Watch Room to Read's "Floating Markets" and learn about daily life in Vietnam. From this story, can you describe what a bahn can is or what a beo is used for? What other things can you learn about life in Vietnam from this book? What other stories can you think of that teach us about the daily life of people living in another country or culture?
  7. Girls in the Daisy Flower Garden Girl Scout leadership journey take action to help their community. What could you do in your community to help children know why it is important to go to school? As a group, choose a project and take action for World Thinking Day.