2015 World Thinking Day Senior Activities

Note to Volunteers

The World Thinking Day award is an official award that may be worn on the front of the official Girl Scout uniform sash or vest.

The theme for World Thinking Day 2015 is girls worldwide say "we can create partnerships through peace." This theme is based on United Nations' Millennium Development Goal 8: to achieve a global partnership for development.

Before getting started, please read our Statement of Trust (PDF).

Did you know…?

Senior Activities
To earn the award, girls learn more about this topic by completing one or more activity below.

  1. Invite a counselor, social worker, or community leader to teach methods of conflict resolution and mediation. Use these methods along with Girl Scouts' BFF curriculum to design a conflict mediation program for younger girls. An example is to design a conflict that may arise between groups with different values or backgrounds and to role-play successful ways to remedy the issue(s). Invite a group of Juniors or Cadettes to participate in your program.
  2. Watch Benefits of Debt Relief and discuss other ways debt relief can better support developing countries to address key issues within their borders. Do you think there should be more debt relief or less? How is debt relief and some of its outcomes beneficial for everyone?
  3. Learn the basics of fair trade and how it can aid in achieving MDG 8. Make a list of your favorite consumer goods and then research fair trade products in your region. Make the list available to people in your community who might be interested in fair trade products.
  4. Come together with your group and ask everyone to bring their favorite chocolate bar. Watch this PowerPoint about chocolate production. At the end of the presentation should open their chocolate bars and participate in a "tasting." Is your chocolate bar fair trade? If not, are you willing to change to a fair trade brand? Have you ever wondered if the chocolate you enjoy is fair trade? How many brands do you know that for sure are fair trade?
  5. At the United Nations general assembly in 2014, President Obama said, "We can reaffirm our collective responsibility to confront global problems or be swamped by more and more outbreaks of instability." Search for recent stories about how investing more in the health sector globally could've saved the world from global threats. Ex: the Ebola crisis in Africa. What went wrong? Could this problem have been better contained, in your opinion? Where does the responsibility lie for developing countries versus developed ones? Why can't the developing countries control the problem on their own?
  6. The UN has created a number of partnership initiatives: GAVI Alliance, Global Education First Initiative, Rollback Malaria, Sanitation and Water for All, Sustainable Energy for All, and Zero Hunger Challenge. Select and learn more about one of the above initiatives, find stories about how the initiative(s) has addressed issues they are concerned with, and share the information you collected with your group.
  7. Tanzania used resources saved via debt relief to abolish primary school fees (2002), build 30,000 new classrooms and 1,000 schools, and hire 18,000 trained teachers. The percentage of children enrolled in mainland Tanzania's primary schools climbed from 58.7 percent in 1990 to 94.8 percent in 2006. (UN). Take the Girltopia Girl Scout Leadership Journey and explore ways global partnerships can make a better world for girls.