Beyond Bars: A Curriculum for Life

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Beyond Bars: A Curriculum for Life

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Front Matter (PDF)
Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF)
Getting Started (PDF)

Entire Section One: Relational Skills (PDF)
Activity 1: Communication (PDF)
Activity 2: Don't Go There! (PDF)
Activity 3: Who's Got Your Back? (PDF)
Activity 4: Choosing Words Carefully (PDF)
Activity 5: Speaking Up for Yourself (PDF)
Activity 6: Body Language (PDF)
Activity 7: I Said "No!" (PDF)

Section One Activity Handouts
Model of Communication (PDF)
Just Ask Game for Adults (PDF)
Just Ask Game for Girls (PDF)
Positive Communication (PDF)
Speak Up! (PDF)
Assertiveness Role Play (PDF)

Entire Section Two: Analytical Skills (PDF)
Activity 1: How Do You Make Good Decisions? (PDF)
Activity 2: The Three C's of Good Decisions (PDF)
Activity 3: Predicting Consequences (PDF)

Section Two Activity Handouts
Danielle's Decisions (PDF)
Three C's of Good Decisions (PDF)
Predicting Consequences (PDF)
What Shall I Do? (PDF)

Entire Section Three: Self-Affirmation Skills (PDF)
Activity 1: What's So Important About Values? (PDF)
Activity 2: Interview About Me (PDF)
Activity 3: Your Mom's Where? (PDF)
Activity 4: Introduction to Goal Setting (PDF)
Activity 5: Making a Contract (PDF)

Section Three Activity Handouts
What do You Value? (PDF)
Interview About Me (PDF)
The "You" Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
It's Me! (PDF)
My Contract (PDF)

Entire Section Four: Self-Care Skills (PDF)
Activity 1: Stress Busters (PDF)
Activity 2: What is Health? (PDF)
Activity 3: How Can I Stay Safe? (PDF)

Section Four Activity Handouts
Healthy Habits (PDF)
Resources (PDF)
Entire Additional Materials (PDF)
Bill of Rights (PDF)
Appendix: Special Issues (PDF)

For questions about Girl Scouts Beyond Bars and Girl Scouting in Detention Centers, contact Christine Brongniart, Project Manager, GSBB & GSDC, at cbrongniart@girlscouts.org, or Aabha Adhiya, Project Coordinator, GSBB & GSDC at aadhiya@girlscouts.org.