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The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

Free Being Me

"Did you know that six out of ten girls stop doing what
they love because they feel bad about the way they look?"

Program Ending

This program has proven to be a beneficial supplement to the It's Your Story – Tell It! Journey, however the grant-funded initiative is ending on March 31, 2016 for the Girl Scouts of the USA. The journey-infused curriculum and leader guide on this website will be available for download until the end date. For further information, please e-mail freebeingme@girlscouts.org. Thank you!

GSUSA, in partnership with the World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Dove, has launched Free Being Me, a global leadership program developed to give girls a safe space to strengthen their self-confidence. Using the It's Your Story, Tell It! Journeys, together with the Free Being Me curriculum, girls explore issues of beauty and body confidence and build their leadership skills.

These exciting new activities center around a topic that girls are anxious to explore and are excited to Take Action on.

  • Do you have an event coming up? Think about exploring issues related to body confidence utilizing these cutting edge activities!
  • Do your girls love their It's Your Story, Tell It! Leadership Journey? They can take the themes of beauty and body confidence further through Free Being Me activities.
  • Are your girls interested in exploring ideas of global beauty? Are they looking to make a connection with girls around the world? Girls around the world are participating in the Free Being Me activities, become a part of the movement!

Be a part of the 1.5 million US girls participating in FBM! Help us reach our goal by filling out the form on the right of this page to download the Free Being Me curriculum at no cost. Included in the download are:

  • Activities for girls ages 7-14
  • The Free Being Me leader guide
  • A teaser activity to get girls engaged and interested in themes of global beauty

Free Being Me patches are also available for your girls who have completed the Free Being Me activities and a Take Action project! Please note that the patches were shipped to your council's Girl Experience or Girl Program department. The patches are complimentary; please contact your council regarding the patches. If the council has depleted its supply, we'd be happy to ship them more. Thank you!

What People are Saying

"It has helped the girls to realize that being unique is what makes them who they are and that they don't have to be just like everyone else."
- Rennie Dotson, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

"The activities were fun and engaging for my troop of Juniors. We combined this info with our Journey work."
- Trish, Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails

"Our four Cadettes scouts created a program based upon the idea of 'discovering you'. They explored their passions (photography, music, art and sports) and invited junior troops in our area to join them and find what they love to do and to encourage them to stick with it. They viewed the Dove videos and incorporated them into their presentation. The fact that so many girls stop doing what they love because of how they think others see them really impacted our girls and inspired them to keep going."
- Patty Komosinski, Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan

"Before starting this curriculum, we had several girls with low self-esteem, some girls very concerned with their clothing & appearance, and some girls with no noticeable issues. Together we talked openly about what they think is expected in school and life to be considered beautiful. It was awesome to see that most girls agree that the way someone acts can make or prevent them from being beautiful. We have a diverse troop and we discussed what makes us different and what makes us the same…As we practiced, I could see the girls becoming more comfortable with themselves and each other."
- Troop Leader Dusty of Troop 11570, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

For more information visit www.free-being-me.com or e-mail us at freebeingme@girlscouts.org.