She’s all Girl Scout. Are you?

At Girl Scouts, girls are exploring what’s possible, turning dreams into reality, and changing the world. Here, you’ll take on leadership roles as you engage in all sorts of girl-led activities and develop skills you’ll use to make a difference. You'll unleash the confidence you need to pursue what you love and stand up for what you believe in.

Whether you’re part trendsetter, part change-maker, and part athlete, or part engineer, part artist, and part go-getter, you know who you are and where you want to go next. And you’re all Girl Scout.  

Are you ready to take the lead? Because at Girl Scouts, it’s your time to shine.   


Meet the Girl Scouts featured in our video.

    • Girl Scout Cadette Alyssa
    • Alyssa 

      Alyssa, a Girl Scout Senior, turned discarded electronics into fashion and earned her Girl Scout Silver Award. She held a fashion show in her community featuring clothes and accessories made with e-waste: chokers made from keyboard components, skirts created using pieces of compact discs, and shirts with headphones sewn into them.  

    • Girl Scout Junior Dina
    • Dina

      Dina and her Girl Scout Junior troop sparked a conversation about ADA accessibility in their community. As part of their Girl Scout Bronze Award project, the girls asked wheelchair-accessible businesses to display accessibility stickers on their windows, with a phone number for shoppers to call if they need assistance getting into the store. 

    • Girl Scout Brownie Madison
    • Madison

      Madison loves basketball, gymnastics, and camping, and through Girl Scouts, this young athlete discovered another passion: helping animals in need. After her Girl Scout Brownie troop visited a local animal shelter, she became an outspoken advocate for animal adoption and has since fostered puppies and adopted a rescue dog. 

    • Girl Scout Junior Marin
    • Marin

      Marin, a Junior, is more than a top cookie seller; she’s also an active member of her council’s girls’ advocacy committee. She’s written letters to the president and to her senators, participated in marches against gun violence, and advocated for women’s rights. She’s learned that if anyone can change the world, it’s girls! 

    • Girl Scout Junior Natalie
    • Natalie

      Natalie, a Junior, heard about immigrant families being detained at the border and wanted to help. As part of her Girl Scout Bronze Award project, she created special welcome bags containing toiletries, snacks, and other essentials for newcomers, and her effort resulted in enough donations to distribute more than 900 bags.

    • Gold Award Girl Scout Nikole
    • Nikole

      Gold Award Girl Scout Nikole created a documentary featuring veterans of diverse backgrounds to keep their stories of sacrifice and heroism alive. Containing  interviews with 29 former service members, the documentary can now be viewed by visitors to South Carolina’s Dorchester County Archives & History Center.

    • Gold Award Girl Scout Shelby
    • Shelby

      Gold Award Girl Scout Shelby is saving our oceans from plastic pollution. After launching the No Straw November initiative and a nonprofit to educate children about the need for environmental protection, she worked with major companies to curb plastic straw use and helped pass a California law that is already reducing straw use by millions.  

    • Girl Scout Cadette Sophia
    • Sophia

      This Girl Scout Cadette is passionate about gender equality, and she’s fighting to close the gender pay gap. Sophia participated in marches to advocate for equal pay and spoke at an event with her local congress member to push for legislation that would require U.S. companies to document pay gaps between men and women. 

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