STEM Next proudly supports Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) in working to increase female representation in STEM fields. Through the STEM Next Fellows program, GSUSA and STEM Next aim to strengthen Girl Scouts’ national STEM strategy by increasing the capacity of Girl Scout councils to deliver programming in science, technology, engineering, and math to all girls. The teams will establish a “STEM ecosystem” consisting of various organizations and groups that support youth and STEM, and a means of evaluation to drive long-term sustainability of STEM learning for girls in grades 6–12.

In addition to building councils’ STEM delivery capacity, STEM Next Fellows will partner with STEM Premier, the first web-based solution to help students design personalized career pathways, to provide girls with professional development workshops and career training specifically tailored to careers in STEM.

STEM Next is clearly committed to helping girls as they embark on a lifetime of leadership in these crucial fields.

About STEM Next
STEM Next Opportunity Fund is the nation’s leader in incubating, amplifying, and scaling effective STEM learning systems in and out of school. With venture investment, we know we can scale our work to reach millions of additional high-need children.

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