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"Engineer Your Journey" Collaboration Inspires Girls in Science and Engineering!

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and Techbridge collaborated to help girls discover their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through the 2014/2015 Engineer Your Journey program, blending the Girls Go Techbridge (GGT) engineering curriculum with GSUSA's Leadership Journeys. This year's pilot program was made possible by the generous support of the Noyce Foundation.

Three Engineer Your Journey planners were co-written by Techbridge and GSUSA to help Girl Scout leaders blend engineering activities and career discussion with their girls' Leadership Journeys:

  1. The aMuse Journey + GGT Design Time Program-in-a-Box (for Girl Scout Juniors)
  2. The Girltopia Journey + GGT Engineers to the Rescue Program-in-a-Box (for Girl Scout Seniors)
  3. The Bliss Journey + GGT Power It Up Program-in-a-Box (for Girl Scout Ambassadors)

With Engineer Your Journey, engineering and leadership skills are combined to enable girls to make the world a better place. Girls engage in hands-on engineering activities (e.g., designing water filters and toy prototypes), explore STEM careers, and work in teams. Resources for parents and other role models offer practical advice for supporting girls' participation in STEM fields.

Councils participating in the 2014/2015 program were Girl Scouts of Louisiana East, Girl Scouts Heart of the South, Girl Scouts North East Ohio, Girl Scouts South Carolina Mountains to Midlands, and Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania. The Engineer Your Journey pilot served approximately 500 girls, and girl survey data showed the program was effective in promoting critical thinking, problem solving using the Engineering Design Process model, and leadership skills.

Since 2008, Techbridge has brought Girls Go Techbridge programming to 19 Girl Scout councils nationwide, and the Engineer Your Journey pilot expanded Techbridge's involvement with councils, advancing a national partnership that combines two effective programs to increase STEM interest and knowledge among girls—Girls Go Techbridge and Girl Scout Leadership Journeys—thanks to generous funding from the Noyce Foundation.

Girl Scouts leads the nation in empowering girls to pursue their interests in STEM, fueled by the understanding that girls who are exposed to STEM activities, with encouragement from families, troop leaders, and other role models and mentors, are more likely to excel in STEM-related subjects in school, explore post-secondary education in STEM, and consider STEM-related careers in which women are historically underrepresented.

About Techbridge
Techbridge is an Oakland, CA nonprofit that engages teachers, families, role models, and corporate partners in encouraging girls in technology, science and engineering. Launched in 2000, Techbridge has reached over 10,000 students in grades 4-12 through a combination of hands-on engineering and technology projects, career exploration activities, academic counseling, and leadership development. Techbridge also provides professional development to teachers, role models, out-of-school-time facilitators and partners to enhance the network of support for girls and underrepresented youth. The Engineer Your Journey pilot with Girl Scouts of the USA is made possible by the Noyce Foundation. Visit for more information, and access Role Models Matter training modules anytime at

About the Noyce Foundation
The Noyce Foundation aims to help young people become curious, thoughtful, and engaged learners. The Foundation focuses on a few key areas: improving the teaching of math and early literacy in public schools, developing leadership to support student achievement, education policy and research and finally, on expanding opportunities for students to experience hands of science. For more information, please visit