Girl Scouts Cyber Challenge - brought to you by Raytheon

Go on an epic Cyber Challenge adventure!

Put your leadership skills to the test
with Girl Scouts and Raytheon Technologies.

Learn life-changing lessons. Explore exciting career paths. Tap into your inner power.

There’s been a hack on a moon colony, and we need your help to fix things and save everyone! At this one-of-a-kind event, you’ll be part of an incident response team that must find out who hacked the system and how to stop them. And you’ll work with other brave, innovative girls to tackle challenges in ways that build skills used by cybersecurity professionals in real life. Don’t worry—no previous cybersecurity experience is necessary to join in the fun!

The Girl Scout Cyber Challenge 2019 was an amazing success. Thousands of girls across the country took on the challenge and learned about Cybersecurity.

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Contact your council to find out if there’s a Cyber Challenge near you in 2020!

About the Collaboration

The Cyber Challenge and the launch of the first national computer science program by the Girl Scouts of USA is made possible through a multiyear commitment from Raytheon Technologies. Raytheon Technologies is collaborating with Girl Scouts to help close the gender gap in STEM fields by helping prepare girls to pursue careers in fields like cybersecurity, computer science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Together, Raytheon Technologies and Girl Scouts are reaching girls during formative school years, where research shows peer pressure can sometimes deter girls from pursing their interest in STEM.