Cadette Crushes Cookie Goals in a New Town - Girl Scouts

Cadette Rebuilds Her Cookie Empire

When Freya, a Girl Scout Cadette, moved from San Diego, California, to a town in Northern California, she was nervous about having to rebuild her successful Girl Scout Cookie business in a new place full of unfamiliar faces and challenges. As a two-time seller of more than 2,000 cookie boxes (whoa!), she had a big reputation to live up to, and she wasn’t sure how it would all play out in her new home.

Still, as the true go-getter she has always been, Freya set out to reach an ambitious sales goal of 2,016 boxes, even though she would have to start from scratch to get the word out and build her customer base. She chose the goal of 2,016 to honor Jo Dee Jacob, the former CEO of Girl Scouts San Diego (Freya’s previous council), who retired in March 2016. So thoughtful!

And guess what? Freya surpassed her goal and sold 2,033 boxes! Looks like this unstoppable cookie boss can crush her goals and power amazing experiences for her and her troop wherever she is.

Way to go, Freya! We admire you for not letting fear and uncertainty get in your way. That’s the true mark of a Girl Scout, and you’re a rock star one.