Sabrina Unleashes Her Inner Leader in the Kitchen - Girl Scouts

Sabrina Unleashes Her Inner Leader in the Kitchen

For Sabrina, selling Girl Scout Cookies has opened many doors that she couldn’t have imagined approaching as a shy, quiet Daisy. But as she prepared to bridge to Brownie, she quickly realized the power of one simple question: “Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies?” The answer, she often found, was yes! And from there, her conversations with potential customers flowed naturally, and the life-changing confidence she began to build couldn’t be stopped.

Now a Cadette in Troop 906 of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, Sabrina sells more than 1,500 cookie boxes a year. “I love connecting with my customers each year,” she said. “I know their buying habits and their families, and we reconnect each year [to talk] about Girl Scouts; my troop activities; and, of course, cookie sale updates!”

Eventually, Sabrina, a huge fan of the culinary arts, even built up enough confidence to audition for a series on the Food Network—Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off.  “I would have never had the courage to pursue my dream of being on the Food Network if it was not for cookie sales,” Sabrina said. “The process involved many auditions and interviews, and once the series aired, I had to do live TV cooking demos, press interviews, and media events. It was such an accomplishment, and I was very confident in public speaking, all because of Girl Scouts.” That is just too cool, Sabrina! We’re impressed by your adventurous risk-taker spirit.

Sabrina also went on to land other roles on the Food Network, including in charity events as a celebrity chef and as a national spokesperson for a family dinnertime initiative. In true Girl Scout form, Sabrina has taken the lead to help Juniors and fellow Cadettes earn their Simple Meals and New Cuisines badges, has earned her Bronze Award, is working on her Silver Award, and plans to strategize how to blend her Gold Award project with her passion for cooking. She’s unstoppable!