Julia: Proving That Perseverance Pays

Julia: Proving that Perseverance Pays

Singing with the band

Julia L., a ten-year-old from Girl Scouts of Greater New York, is one of the charismatic superstars featured on the front of the NEW Tagalongs®/Peanut Butter Patties® Girl Scout Cookie boxes! This second-year Junior loves to try new things, always pushing herself and those around her to do their best. In her fifth year as a Girl Scout, Julia is already part of her troop’s Cookie Executive Team as well as swim team, track cycling team, robotics team, and her school's math and chess team. Clearly Julia isn’t one to shy away from a challenge or any big undertaking, including representing the Girl Scout Movement!  

“It’s exciting to be featured on the Girl Scout Cookie packaging,” Julia says. “I love Girl Scouts and what it stands for. I’m happy that I can be on the packaging and represent a great organization that helps girls strive and reach their potential to be the best they can be at everything. It was also fun being involved in the photo shoot. I loved meeting all the Girl Scouts and staff that were there and making new friends. I’m very happy I had an opportunity to do this, step out of my comfort zone, and try something new. Trying new things and learning more about what you love is what Girl Scouts is all about.” 

“I love Girl Scouts and what it stands for,” Julia said. “I’m happy that I can be on the packaging and represent a great organization that helps girls strive and reach their potential to be the best they can be at everything.” 

Julia’s Girl Scout spirit is strong! When she first started swimming, she was one of the youngest and slowest swimmers on her team. She remembers her legs always being sore after practice. But instead of giving up, she persevered. With commitment, focus, and hard work, Julia is now one of the fastest swimmers on her team and has even been picked three years in a row to represent the team in the Catholic Youth Organization Olympics! In track cycling, she races on bikes without brakes, putting her boldness front and center. When she’s not doing sports, Julia can be found building robots and playing chess. We’re proud of her many accomplishments and are cheering her on as she breaks boundaries and continues to prove to the world that girls can do it all! 


“Being a Girl Scout means never giving up and always doing your best,” Julia says. “I learned from my troop leader that hard work always pays off in the end, and it did. I kept on trying harder every day in swimming and cycling, and eventually I got really good. I love participating in track cycling and am happy that I can represent girls in this sport.” 

“Being a Girl Scout means never giving up and always doing your best,” Julia said. “I learned from my troop leader that hard work always pays off in the end, and it did.” 

Julia’s tireless nature also shines in her role as a cookie boss! Being a top cookie seller has improved her goal-setting and communication skills. One of her proudest cookie moments was selling not one, not two, but almost an entire case of cookies to a customer who initially said they were too busy to stop for cookies. Within a matter of minutes, not only did Julia explain the benefits of the cookie program and her troop’s earnings goals but she also got cookies donated to a local food pantry.  

“Some advice that I would give to future cookie bosses is to never give up, have a goal and plan, and always be determined,” Julia advises.  

“Some advice that I would give to future cookie bosses is to never give up, have a goal and plan, and always be determined.” 

Julia loves crushing goals, but she loves helping others even more. With their cookie earnings, Julia’s troop gave back to their community by creating a turkey task force, which collected fresh food for those unable to afford a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The girls even used some of their cookie money to buy supplies for an organic community garden, helping a sister Cadette troop in the process. They then participated in garden classes; planted organic fruits and vegetables; and maintained, harvested, and distributed fresh produce to their neighborhood food pantry. With the same cookie money, the girls also took a trip to Savannah, Georgia, to visit Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace. Talk about an adventure! 

Julia’s mom Annie is amazed by everything Julia has been able to accomplish as a Girl Scout. “I think the biggest takeaway from Girl Scouts is being exposed, learning, and doing so many things that make her kinder, stronger, and a great leader.” Annie says. “There’s robotics, financial literacy, and the list goes on and on. I was never exposed to any of that as a kid. Even more important is all of the community service Julia is able to be a part of. Service to others makes her humble and lets her know she can change the world. It empowers her.”

“I think the biggest takeaway from Girl Scouts is being exposed, learning, and doing so many things that make her kinder, stronger, and a great leader,” said Julia’s mom, Annie.

We hope that Julia’s cookie box feature will inspire girls to be as courageous and determined as she and her Girl Scout sisters are. It’s an honor to have you represent Girl Scouts, Julia. Keep shining!