Ambassador Entrepreneur Accelerator Badge Activity


Build a Prototype

Strengthen your entrepreneurial skills as you come up with an innovative business idea and create a prototype.

Activity Details

Time needed: 1–2 hours

Materials needed:

  • Phone, tablet or, computer with internet access
  • Materials to make or draw a prototype such as cardboard, paper, string, clean objects from a recycle bin, rubber bands, paper, pens, etc.


Have you ever thought about what makes an entrepreneur successful? Some of the qualities are vision, passion, flexibility, and a willingness to take risks. And, perhaps most importantly, a successful entrepreneur sees most setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming an entrepreneur, being able to think like an entrepreneur will help you with school projects and in your future career. 

You are going to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills as you come up with an innovative business idea and create a prototype.


You can think like an entrepreneur every day by developing an entrepreneurial mindset, especially when you approach a new project, goal, or assignment. Here’s how: 

  • Be curious. Ask “how,” “why,” and “what if” often.
  • Adapt to change.
  • Take initiative on projects and simple tasks.
  • Embrace challenges, even when things are difficult.
  • Try again when things don’t work. 

The world is filled with products, services, and technologies that are ready for improvement—or even a complete redesign! Entrepreneurs create new products or change something that already exists to make it even better. Then they figure out a way to get it in front of the people who need it. 

First, think about your life and the things that you care about. What is a general area that you think might be improved with a product, service, or technology? 

As you think, remember that innovators can create new products or change something that already exists. For example, a creative person could develop a new app and then use her entrepreneurial skills to turn it into a business. 

Now, go online and do some research into the specific idea that interests you. Find out what products, services, or technologies already exist. Then, think deeply and consider what new or adapted product, service, or technological solution you can come up with that might help solve a problem or fill a need.

Then, put your idea on paper! Write a short description and create a prototype to show what your product, service, or technology does and how it works. Throughout this whole process, remember to be creative and think outside the box!

And if you need some help, here are some real-world entrepreneurship examples to inspire you:

  • Patches of fake grass for pets to use in apartments with no backyards 
  • A drone videography service to film weddings and other events
  • An app that instantly translates when someone speaks to you in a different language 


Think about these questions:

  1. Is there a female entrepreneur you can talk to about how she developed her business ideas?

  2. Could you help a younger girl learn how to develop an idea for a new product?

  3. How can you share what you’ve learned with other girls?

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Adapted from Step 1 of the Ambassador Entrepreneur Accelerator badge. Purchase the badge booklet to complete all requirements and earn the badge

Made possible by a generous gift from Susan Bulkeley Butler, author of Become the CEO of You, Inc.