Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge Activity


Make a Leaf Rubbing

Make a leaf rubbing.

Activity Details

Time needed: 10-20 minutes

Materials needed: 

  • Plant leaves
  • Sheet of paper
  • Crayon or chalk


  • Clay
  • Trees with bark

Activity: Place paper over a leaf and rub it with a crayon or chalk. Try it with soft and hard leaves to see if there’s a difference. Or make a bark cast from a tree. Press clay on a tree trunk, and then remove it gently to make sure you can see the mark from the bark. Be careful not to hurt the bark or leave any clay on it. Do the same thing on several tree trunks to see the different designs in the impressions. 

Troop Leaders:  The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in your  Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit.

Girl Scouts at Home activities have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming and optimized for use at home during a period of social distancing.

Adapted from Step 2  of the Brownie Outdoor Art Creator badge. Purchase the official Badge Booklet to complete all requirements and earn the badge.