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Girl Scouts on a boat

Cadettes: The Road to Global Travel

Do you love to travel? Explore these tips and tools to plan an international trip!

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
It takes a few years to plan an international trip. But if you start planning, saving, and learning today as a Junior or Cadette, you’ll be ready to board your flight as a Senior in no time.

The Road to Global Travel guide includes videos, planning tools, and information to help you navigate planning a trip to a World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) World Center. You will:

  • Get to know WAGGGS
  • Explore different travel tools
  • Plan your trip to a WAGGGS World Center
  • Learn what it means to travel as a Girl Scout

When you’ve worked through the complete guide, you’ll be on your way to planning a trip a WAGGGS World Center. You’ll also know the necessary travel skills for any international experience—and can start planning a trip or two!