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World Thinking Day Award Activity


World Thinking Day Award Activity


Activity Details

Write a peace pledge. Then talk about what the pledge means to you, share your peace pledge with others, and encourage them to practice peace themselves.

Time needed:  45 minutes–1 hour

Materials needed:

  • Peace Pledge model
  • Writing utensil

Peacebuilding starts with you! One way to show your support of a more peaceful world is by making a peace pledge. A pledge is a promise or agreement you make with other people and agree to keep.


As a group, with your Girl Scout friends or your family, come up with a peace pledge together. Start by thinking about the kinds of things you hope for. What do you want to do, or who do you want to help most? For example, you might choose to use kind words, care for our planet, help others, respect other people from all over the world, or work out problems peacefully.

Share what you’ve thought of, and then create a peace pledge using the model.

Have everyone who helped create the pledge sign it. If you want to, you can decorate it with drawings, stickers, or anything else symbolizing peace.


As a group, discuss what the pledge means to you.  

  • How will you use your pledge to inspire you every day? 
  • How do you think signing a pledge will help you keep the commitment? 
  • What do you think motivates a person to make and sign a pledge? 

Think about how you can make your pledge sustainable. How can you share your peace pledge with others and get them to join? Maybe you can ask your school or community if you can hang the pledge poster in a visible location for World Thinking Day. Or your group might decide to share the pledge online. Do you want other people to join in on signing the pledge?

By sharing your peace pledge with others and encouraging them to practice peace themselves, you’re creating a more peaceful world.

Troop Leaders: The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in your  Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit.

Adapted from the 2021 World Thinking Day Award. You can buy the award here.