Junior Digital Leadership Badge Activity


Design Technology
for a Favorite Character

Explore how you use technology and how it can be used to help others, like your favorite character, solve a problem.

Activity Details

Time needed: 25–35 minutes

Materials needed:

  • My Digital Data Tracker (meeting aid)
  • Paper
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • DIY materials like cardboard, tape, and string (optional)


Technology can help us solve problems. We use devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets to help us learn. We also use them to have fun. And we use them to connect with other people. Data is information that you create or information that is stored by a computer. Every time you click while using a device, you create data. You create data when you do your homework on the computer. You create data when you connect with your friends on the phone, too.

Just like people’s feet can make tracks as they walk in the mud or snow, many things you do with technology can create a digital footprint. It’s a record of your digital activity.

Data isn't always visible to everyone. But some of it can be visible to those who know how to look for it. That’s why it’s important to think about what data you share. For example, businesses can use data to try to sell products to people.


Start by exploring your own digital footprint. Can you find ways to make technology even better or more useful? Fill out My Digital Data Tracker to examine how you use technology. Then look at your data: which devices or apps do you use the most and the least? What problems do the devices or apps help you solve? Are you following digital safety rules when online?

If you’re looking for ideas, check out these ways to keep yourself and your data safe online:

  • Ask for help from an adult. Always ask for permission or have an adult nearby when you’re online. Reach out if you’re upset or angry about something you saw online or if you think a friend needs help. And always tell an adult if someone you don’t know tries to contact you.

  • Be thoughtful about what you share online. Only talk to people you know and trust online. Only share public information, like your opinion about a movie you saw or what you had for dinner. Don’t talk to strangers or share private information like your phone number, email, or password. Review your privacy settings with an adult.

  • Think before you click or share. Don’t click on links or attachments from people you don’t know. Ask before sharing photos or videos of someone else. Don’t share anything that could make others feel bad, like gossip, bad words, or anything unkind.

  • Build a supportive digital community. You deserve to have a safe and positive experience online, and so do your friends. If someone online bullies you or someone you know, tell them to stop and tell a trusted adult.

  • Balance your time. Pay attention to how much time you spend in the digital world. How do you feel before and after emailing, texting, or looking at videos? Spend time every day connecting in the real world: talk with friends or family, get outside, and do a craft or hobby you enjoy.

Next, create technology for your favorite character. Choose a character from a movie, TV show, book, or video game. What do you know about them? How would you describe them to others? Make a list of information about your favorite character. Write down everything you know about them. This is your character’s data set.

Then, choose a problem or obstacle your character encounters in the story. How could technology help? Use the data set to brainstorm ideas, like an app, device, or some other kind of technology. Then, sketch or make a model of your idea. You can use paper, cardboard, tape, string, or any other materials.

Lastly, share your creation with another Girl Scout or someone who is familiar with your character. Make sure to explain how you used the data set to create problem-solving technology!

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