Senior My Cookie Network Badge Activity


Share How Your Business Is Responsible


Create a campaign or strategy to let customers know how your business is environmentally and socially responsible.

Activity Details

Time needed: 30 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Poster boards


To grow your support network, you’ll need to convince people that your business is a worthy cause.

Go online to the Girl Scout Cookie Program FAQ page to read the social responsibility section. How is your business environmentally responsible? How does it help others?


Create a social responsibility strategy and include how you’ll let your customers and supporters know about it. You might plan to share it on social media or create a video to share.

Your video or social media campaign will have a story to tell, so create it on storyboards.

What is the narrative you want to share? What is behind the power and promise of Girl Scout Cookies?

Start with an image, word, or mix of both. Keep drawing until you’ve told a story. Imagine your storyboards as a series of social media posts or scenes for a video you can film.

Hang them on a wall and make adjustments for the order that works best.

Get feedback from trusted adults on your storyboards and strategy. Feedback will help improve the ideas and decisions you make as a cookie entrepreneur. Make changes based on the feedback.

Words to know:

Brand: The name, symbol, mark, or logo a company uses to identify their product. It’s also the way other people, especially your customers, think about and experience your product.

Feedback: What people think about your ideas or how you run your business.

Social responsibility: Acting in the best interests of society and the environment.


Think about these questions:

  • Why is it important for businesses to be socially and environmentally responsible?

  • How do you think it helps their business?

  • Why do you think it’s important for the Girl Scout values?

  • How did getting feedback help change your storyboards and strategy?

For more fun, earn your Senior Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin!

Download the Badge Requirements.

Troop Leaders:  The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in your  Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit.

Girl Scouts at Home activities have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming and optimized for use at home during a period of social distancing.

Adapted from Step 2 of the Senior Cybersecurity Basics badge. Contact your troop leader or your local Girl Scout council to become a Girl Scout and learn all the requirements needed to earn the badge.