Financial Literacy

Senior Financing My Future Badge Activity


Declare Your Dreams


Explore different careers and learn about the education and training required for each. 

Activity Details

Time needed: 60 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone for internet research

Setup:  This is the perfect time to start thinking about what kind of further education or training you want. Why? Because whether you want to go to a university, community college, or vocational school, your education will cost money. Before figuring out how to get somewhere, you first need to know where you want to go. Before you can figure out what type of education you will need, it will help to start imagining your future even if you don’t know all the details. Knowing your options is a big first step. 

Activity: Spend an afternoon thinking about your dreams and goals. What do you imagine yourself doing in ten years? How about 20 or even 30 years from now? Write down all the intriguing careers you come up with and then narrow your list down to the top three. If you get stuck, try thinking about hobbies or talents you have, then research careers related to those interests. You can also talk to members of your household and call, text, or email friends about career ideas. Challenge them to come up with three options for you to research.

Next, find out what type of education or training is required for each career by doing internet research on your three choices. By the end of this activity, you should know the education or training you will need for each career. Share your research with your family and friends and get their thoughts!

Troop Leaders:  The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in your  Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit.

Girl Scouts at Home activities have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming and optimized for use at home during a period of social distancing.

Adapted from Step 1 of the Senior Financing My Future badge. Download the Senior Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting to complete all the requirements needed to earn the badge.