Be a Friend First

Bullying is definitely not cool.

That’s why Girl Scouts everywhere are participating in the Be a Friend First (BFF) program. They’re determined to stop bullying whenever and wherever they see it.

The BFF series is designed to work with the aMAZE! Journey, our highly acclaimed leadership program.

The aMAZE! Journey helps middle school girls build the valuable skills they need to develop healthy relationships, prevent bullying behavior, and become peacemakers in their schools and communities.

In BFF, girls explore thorny issues like peer pressure, stereotyping, gossiping, and cliques through role playing, creative writing, games, and discussion exercises. Girls can also do projects in their schools and communities to tackle bullying on their own terms and turf!

BFF easily integrates into existing health education classes, or can even serve as an after-school program in the community. Healthy relationships are the key to bullying prevention. BFF inspires girls to lead one another—with friendship!

Are you a parent, volunteer, or girl who wants to bring BFF to your middle school or community?

Contact your local Girl Scout council and let them know!