Fun with Purpose!

Games can be used many different ways in Girl Scouting—breaking the ice, developing teamwork, learning or reinforcing skills, building stamina, or just blowing off steam after sitting for too long. Here are some tips for game leaders:

Choosing Games

Getting Ready

Get Set, Go!

Need an Intro Game Fast?

Stay Safe Online! Before you begin Get Ready, Get Set, Get Connected! activities, girls should read and discuss the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. Print out the pledge and ask girls and their parents (or guardians), to read and sign the pledge together.

Eight Pointers for Game Leaders

  1. Establish a warm, positive atmosphere that's fun for everyone
  2. Encourage everyone to participate and do her best
  3. Be patient
  4. Be fair in your judgments
  5. Show respect for each girl
  6. Encourage fair play and safety at all times
  7. Be flexible and prepared to vary or change the game
  8. Emphasize cooperation and playing for fun rather than winning