The Elliott Wildlife Values Project

Elliott Wildlife Values Project

"Only by educational processes can . . . any reasonable quantities of wildlife be preserved for the satisfaction and companionship of future generations."

Herford N. Elliott

Since 1977, the Elliott Wildlife Values Project has instilled girls with a lifelong commitment to the environment and to wildlife conservation, thanks to a trust fund established by Herford N. Elliott. Additional funding and in-kind support is provided through grants, sponsors, and alliances.


The Elliott Wildlife Values Project (EWVP) of Girl Scouts of the USA develops girls as leaders whose wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship efforts positively impact their communities and the world.


The EWVP fosters the Girl Scout Mission: building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Girls develop science, outdoor, and leadership skills through girl-led, cooperative activities, in which they learn by doing. In the process, they:

Project Emphasis

The EWVP supports Girl Scout councils and global committees through program development, membership and volunteer development, learning opportunities and consultative services, and collaboration with national organizations and agencies.

The EWVP mission is infused with what's most important to Girl Scouting. Activities are designed to make the most impact and reach as many of our 2.8 million girl and adult members as possible. Work supports the environmental and outdoor components of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and National Program Portfolio for everyone, so girls and adults of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds have many flexible options for participating in and delivering Girl Scouts. Digital and print resources, especially the It's Your Planet: Love It! journey series and the forgirls.girlscouts.org website, unite girls around a common purpose in a fun and educational way. Wildlife-focused national and international travel experiences offer girls an opportunity to connect with nature, explore global issues and take action to protect wildlife.

The support Girl Scouts provides to councils and volunteers ultimately helps bring environment- and wildlife-stewardship issues to the forefront of girls' lives.