Create a Badge

Create A Badge with Girl Scouts

Build Your Skills with a Custom Design and Create a Badge

Did you know girls can create and design their own Girl Scout badges? Girl Scouts from Brownies through Ambassadors can decide what they want to learn and develop on their own or with their Girl Scout friends a badge that helps them build a skill. Make Your Own badges can be earned once a year.

Girls visit the Make Your Own Web site which gives girls step-by-step directions in designing (and purchasing) their very own badges. Girls use an interactive design tool to select colors, background patterns, shapes, and symbols from a library of hundreds of pieces of original art. Instructions for how to earn the Make Your Own badge through the Five Steps is included in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for Brownies through Ambassadors.

Here are some features of the Make Your Own Web site:

Note: Registered users on the Make Your Own Badge site must be 13 years or older. If you wish to allow your daughter under the age of 13 to design and purchase a customized badge, you can register and help her create and purchase a badge.