This Is What a Girl Can Do

There are no limits to what a girl can do. See what some of our Girl Scouts across the
country are achieving throughout their participation in the cookie experience.

"Cookie sale earnings enabled our Cadette troop to go kayaking on Lake Minitanka. While we were there, we got to take a cruise up the lake in the historic steamboat Minnehaha."

"My troop of Ambassadors went to our state capitol last year to talk about encouraging girls in STEM careers. Thanks to our successful cookie sale, we're coming back for the next legislative session."

"Goal-setting and decision-making are some of the important skills we develop in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. My fellow Juniors and I decided to work in our community kitchen—where we can help make a difference!"

"This year, we're learning dances from other lands. Next year, thanks to the cookie sale, my troop will go abroad to see these dances for ourselves. Girl Scouts-and the Girl Scout Cookie Program-make our world come alive."