It's Your Planet—Love It!

Introducing the Second Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Cadettes (Grades 6-8)


Journey Awards

.Along this journey, Cadettes have the opportunity to earn three leadership awards that engage them in improving the world's air quality while also supporting and nourishing their own abilities as leaders who are aware, alert, and able to affirm all they do.


Cadette Journey 2 Award Patch SetAlert


Cadette Leadership In Action Award Patch (LiA)Earning the LiA

Girl Scouts has always had a tradition of older girls helping younger girls. In the It's Your Planet—Love It series of leadership journeys, Cadettes have air and Brownies have water. Think of the power of bringing these two grade levels and all their Girl Scout power together! That's what the LiA (Leader in Action) Award is all about. The LiA encourages Cadettes to be key assistants on a Brownie team's WOW! Wonders of Water journey. All the steps to the award are in the Cadette LiA letter found in the Adult Guide for both the Cadette and Brownie journey, and the downloadable form above.

Please note: typographical errors have been identified and are being corrected in the second edition. Certain corrections that may affect the understanding of content are: Adult book (first edition Aug. 2009) Page 24 – first paragraph, first line – should read "processes and leadership outcomes." Page 25 – right box, second paragraph, last line – should read "positive values." Page 36 – third paragraph – should read "Quiet Sign" not "Silent Sign." Page 55 – disregard list of materials on top right of page. Page 71 – bottom section, third bullet – should read "inside front cover." Page 74 – second bullet – should read "Would someone…a PowerPoint presentation or…." Girl book (first edition Aug. 2009) Page 76 – top box, fourth line – should read "and smoking bans…"