It's Your Planet—Love It!

Introducing the Second Series of Journeys for Girl Scout Seniors (Grades 9-10)

Sow What?

Journey Awards

During this journey, girls have an opportunity to earn the prestigious Girl Scout Senior Harvest Award. The Harvest Award is an important step on the Girl Scout leadership ladder; it signifies that girls understand who they are and what they stand for, and that they care about others, too. It also signifies that they can grasp an issue by the roots and organize a team to work together to sow the seeds of sustainable change. Seniors - to earn the award:

Please note: typographical errors have been identified and are being corrected in the second edition. Certain corrections that may affect the understanding of content are: Adult book (first edition Aug. 2009) Page 22 – first paragraph, first line – should read "processes and leadership outcomes." Page 22 – end of first paragraph – should read "Girl Scout Gold Award" not Silver Award. Page 22 – top box, eighth line – should read "their food favorites."