Transforming Leadership Continued

By Toi James, Ph.D., Senior Researcher; Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Ph. D., Senior Researcher. (New York, N.Y.: Girl Scouts of the USA, 2009). 60 pp.

Transforming Leadership ContinuedTransforming Leadership Continued (TLC) expands the discussion of leadership begun in Transforming Leadership with its focus on the three Girl Scout Processes—Girl Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative Learning.

Transforming Leadership Continued (TLC) discusses the meaning of the three Girl Scout processes, and at each of the six Girl Scout grade levels, provides conceptual and concrete examples of how these processes can be applied—by adults and by girls—in grade-appropriate ways from the Daisy to Ambassador levels.

These processes, when integrated with the 15 leadership outcomes detailed in Transforming Leadership, will provide girls with the kinds of experiences that help them become the kind of leaders they want to be today and in the future.

There are a few key points we would like for you to know about TLC:

* TLC is intended to live in PDF version only for "fair use."

* TLC is designed to be seen and used by GSUSA staff, council staff, and volunteers as a reference guide.

* TLC's content has been reviewed and vetted by an external consultant, two developmental psychologists, Girl Scout Research Institute staff, Program Development, Learning and Organizational Development, Membership and Volunteerism, and two councils.

* We have taken our own ideas as well as those of real girls and incorporated them into the research.

To download TLC, use the link below. For more information about the research, email gsresearch@girlscouts.org or call (800) GSUSA 4 U [800-478-7248].