Why Girl Scouts?

She has questions about what’s going on in the world and how she can make it better. You want her to be strong, happy, and connected to friends through a tough time.

In good times and bad, Girl Scouts is . . .

Girl Scouts is Her Happy Place.

Families know girls need a strong, positive community more than ever.


of parents agree Girl Scouts is relevant in today’s ever-changing world.

“Girl Scouts not only helped my daughter, it helped us as a family. The world has been a difficult place lately, and when the girls had questions, troop leaders helped them make sense of things in a way they could understand and be a part of the conversation. Knowing my daughter could count on meetings and that she’d ‘see’ friends every week, even virtually, has helped so much.”
—Stephanie Samperi-Gonzalez, mom of a nine-year-old


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Research conducted by Girl Scouts Research Institute, 2020