What Is Girl Scouting?

What Is Girl Scouting?

It's All About Fun, Friends, and Fantastic Opportunities

Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere—where today's girls can become tomorrow's leaders. Membership in Girl Scouts is open to girls in grades K–12; women and men over 18 can join as adult members.

Most girls join a local troop or group for fun and friendship, but they also find out about building character and self-esteem and serving their communities—the core qualities of Girl Scouting. In Girl Scouts, girls find a safe place to grow and share new experiences, learn to relate to others, develop values, and contribute to society.

The Girl Scout program is based on the needs and interests of girls. All members:

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How to Join

Joining Girls Scouts is simple. Contact your local Girl Scout council to find the troop or group nearest you. Or call toll-free (800) GSUSA 4 U [(800) 478-7248] for more information.

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Did you know?

Girl Scouts number more than 2.8 million—2 million girl members and 800,000 adult members—and growing.