The World Song

March Tune Captures Spirit of the Movement

The World Song, which highlights the principles and spirit of the Girl Scout and Girl Guide Movement, was adopted in 1950 at the 13th World Conference in Oxford, England. The music, originally composed as the march for one of Finland's oldest Scout companies, was adapted with the approval of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, from his March, Opus 91b. The World Song was first published with English words in 1952, by Gavin Ewart.

The World Song

Our way is clear as we march on

And see! Our flag on high

Is never furled throughout the world

For hope shall never die!

We must unite for what is right

In friendship true and strong

Until the earth

In its rebirth

Shall sing our song! Shall sing our song!


"The World Song," from Melinda Caroll Presents Girl Scouts Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, The Wind Beneath Our Wings, Legend Productions, 1998, used with permission of Melinda Caroll.