Girl Scout History Volunteers

Information about History Conferences Past, Present and Future

Girl Scout History Volunteers

What is a History Volunteer?
History Volunteers across the United States work with their local Girl Scout Councils to build and preserve archival collections to promote Girl Scout history.

How do I become a History Volunteer?
Contact your local Girl Scout Council and let them know you want to be part of their History Committee. To locate your local council use our Council Finder.

What is the History Conference?
The Girl Scouts National Historic Preservation Center offers annual archival training to educate volunteers and Council staff on archival best practices and presents models and tools to help Councils maintain their historic collections. History Conference is a forum that affords History Volunteers from across the country an opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects.

Who should attend History Conference?
Registration is open to Girl Scout volunteers, Council staff and Girl Scouts at High School level by special permission who are interested in preserving and promoting the Girl Scout legacy.

How do I register for History Conference?
Registration is handled through Girl Scouts Learning and Organizational Development.

What is the "NHPC?"
The National Historic Preservation Center is one of the departments at Girl Scout Headquarters. Established in 1987 by decision of the Girl Scouts National Council Session, NHPC is preserves and promotes Girl Scout History. The archival collection, which dates back to 1912, includes over 60,000 photographs, 7,000 publications, periodicals, Girl Scout uniforms, ephemera and records of the national organization.

See information about the NHPC museum in New York City.