Overseas Locations

USA Girl Scouts Overseas serves nearly 17,000 girls in over 90 countries. If you are moving or living overseas, use the world map to find out if a USAGSO committee exists in your region of interest. Overseas locations fluctuate due to the mobility of the Expatriate community. If you are interested in Girl Scouting in an area that is not currently listed, please contact USAGSO headquarters for more information.

Western Hemisphere Europe Europe Middle East Africa Asia Pacific

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USA Girl Scouts Overseas, headquartered in New York, directly serves overseas locations throughout the world, and also supports the following offices:

USA Girl Scouts Overseas—North Atlantic (NORAGS), serves many military and civilian locations in Europe through lone troops in eight European countries.
Web site: http://www.usagso-na.org

USA Girl Scouts Overseas—West Pacific, serves military families located in Japan, Okinawa and Korea.
Web site: http://westpacificgirlscouts.org

Guam Girl Scouts Council Inc. and USA Girl Scouts Overseas—U.S. Virgin Islands serve girls on their respective islands.