Year of the Girl
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A Decade of Research
Examining the issues in girls' lives

The prestigious Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), formed in 2000, conducts original research and provides resources that are essential to the advancement, well-being, and safety of girls. GO ASK A GIRL: A Decade of Findings from the Girl Scout Research Institute (PDF) summarizes the range of GSRI's work over the last decade, including the impact of the September 11 tragedy on youth, the obesity epidemic and healthy living, youth leadership and civic engagement, body image and the fashion industry, girls' interactions with social media, and much more.

You'll find other studies from GSRI, too. Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV investigates how reality TV changes perception and behavior. Who's that Girl: Image and Social Media shows you how girls use social media to get involved in causes they care about. The Resilience Factor: A Key to Leadership explores the aspirations of African American and Hispanic girls. And Beauty Redefined: Girls and Body Image takes a hard look at the pressure to be thin among young girls. There's so much more to come from GSRI!