Girl Scouts earn their Global Action Awards

Global Action Award

Did you know the Girl Scout sisterhood not only stretches across the United States but spans the entire world, too?

Girl Scouts of the USA is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS, for short), which includes 10 million girls in 146 countries. And all of those girls in all of those countries are working to make the world a better place—just like Girl Scouts!

Each year, Girl Scouts of all levels can earn their Global Action Award. This award connects the WAGGGS sisterhood by helping girls work together to make a difference on a topic that affects girls and women all over the world. It’s an official national award, so girls can wear it just like a badge on the front of their vest or sash!

The theme for this year’s Global Action Award is “Increasing Girls’ Access to Education.”

You see, in many parts of the world, it is hard for girls to go to school and finish their education, whether due to poverty, lack of schools, or cultural factors. We believe every girl deserves the chance to get an education. Let’s make it happen!

To learn more about activities girls can engage in to raise awareness, help solve this worldwide problem, and earn their Global Action Award, check out these Global Action Award guidelines:

Meet Our Partners

The Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is an organization that sends volunteers to other countries to help people. They tackle many global issues, such as the barriers to girls’ educational opportunities.

Learn more about the Peace Corps—and connect with volun­teers who are working on girls’ education projects around the world.

Let Girls Learn
In 2015, Girl Scouts of the USA teamed up with the Peace Corps and First Lady Michelle Obama to work together on the Let Girls Learn initiative, which focuses on increasing girls’ access to education.

Learn more about Let Girls Learn.


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