Raising Awesome Girls

From the time she came into your life, you've only wanted the best for your girl. You want to see her feel happy and loved, be confident, make new friends, stay healthy, excel in school, and eventually rise up the ranks in a career she finds fulfilling. 

That's why we're happy to share straightforward, realistic, and proven parenting advice on everything you might deal with when raising girls. From family pets to more serious issues like bullying and school struggles, we've got you covered. Hand-in-hand, we can take the guesswork out of parenting and bring the fun back in. 

Stand With Your Girl Against Bullying

Help Her Succeed in School

Help Your Daughter Be Happy & Healthy

Raising Girls to Be Leaders

Let Girl Scouts help you make raising girls to be happy, healthy, and successful simpler than ever. As the first and oldest leadership organization for girls in the United States, we're proud to be a thought leader for all parents raising up the next generation.