Toyota Financial Services

In 2014, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced a new, multi-year partnership with Toyota Financial Services (TFS), which has pledged nearly $2.3 million to ToGetHerThere, the largest philanthropic campaign for girls. This initiative, entitled "Driving My Financial Future," will empower 26,000 underserved girls across the country to become financially savvy leaders able to transform their communities and impact the world.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), girls clearly desire financial empowerment skills to help them achieve their dreams. In fact, 90 percent say it is important for them to learn how to manage money. Girls are extremely optimistic about their future lives, but admit to lacking the financial confidence and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams.

Through this corporate citizenship program entitled, "Driving My Financial Future," underserved fifth grade, middle and high school girls are encouraged to acquire financial empowerment skills and attitudes as a means to pursuing their dreams. Each participant receives her own copy of the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, which helps girls earn their financial literacy badges and a TFS participation patch. TFS and GSUSA also collaborated on a cause marketing campaign in April 2015 to help identify Girl Scout alumnae through a variety of TFS's channels. TFS team member volunteers will support girls through local financial education programs and through opportunities to partner with Toyota Business Partnering Groups like TORQUE. Finally, eligible girls in the program are able to apply for the TFS Making Life Easier (MLE) Scholarship and/or the TFS MLE internship. See 2016 recipients

GSUSA and TFS are excited to partner together to help girls become self-reliant, financially informed, and capable of leveraging their talent, resources, and personal business values to make the world a better place.

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Here are the 20 Girl Scouts who received the 2016 Making Life Easier scholarship sponsored by Toyota Financial Services:

  • Annie Choi, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
  • Almira Akinpelu, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Leah Mae Bassett, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Alyssa Chem, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Anneke Davis, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Riya Gandhi, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Victoria Lynn Garza, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas
  • Katherine Lacina, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Christina Moore, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Rebeca Mulima, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Serena Ranmal, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Kaitlin Reynders, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Cortney Smith, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Marisa Wilkowski, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
  • Rebeka Christa, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
  • Saba Verani, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
  • Jacqueline Yarbough, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
  • Margaret Fiorina, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
  • Cyan Baker, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Alexis Dew, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana