For Educators

Enriched Learning. Enhanced Outcomes.
Girl Scouts can complement the great work you do at your school every day. Our programming introduces and opens girls up to so many things—like STEM, financial literacy, and outdoor experiences—that are vital for a successful future and that enable them to build social and emotional skills, exemplify anti-bullying behavior, and develop confidence, resiliency, and leadership skills. Together, we can help your school achieve incredible outcomes and your students succeed beyond expectations.

Seamless Partnerships: Badges and Journeys Tied to the Common Core
Did you know all Girl Scout national proficiency badges and Journeys have been correlated by grade level to state (and national) curriculum standards and the Common Core? It’s true. Learn more.

Dynamic Outcomes: The Girl Scout Leadership Experience
And there’s more. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the core Girl Scout program that helps girls learn important life skills, provides 15 leadership benefits that also have clear and consistent links to the Search Institute’s 40 Youth Developmental Assets, which provide a comprehensive guide to the building blocks necessary for positive and healthy youth development. Learn more.

Girl Scouts in Action
Use the resources below to find out what Girl Scouts can do for your school, and watch and listen as our CEO visits with the wonderful educators at Cesar Chavez Primary School in Fort Worth, Texas. Plus, learn how Brownies are already changing the world, and get to know some of Girl Scouts’ most critical, enthusiastic, and passionate assets: our inspiring volunteers!

Building Our Future, One Initiative at a Time
Learn how we’re helping to shape confident, successful young women through initiatives related to STEM, bully prevention, and environmental stewardship.

A Program Backed by Research
Dive into some of our latest national research studies on important issues for girls.

  • Generation STEM: What Girls Say about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (PDF) examines girls’ interest in STEM fields and highlights key factors that influence and encourage this interest, such as adult support, exposure to STEM fields, academic achievement, and confidence.
  • The State of Girls: Unfinished Business (PDF) is the largest and most comprehensive report on girls in history, examining girls’ well-being across a variety of indicators, including education, economic well-being, physical and emotional well-being, access to technology, extracurricular activities, and thoughts on leadership.
  • How Girl Scouting Benefits Girls (PDF) is a collection of research findings that address the benefits Girl Scouts gain through participation in Girl Scout programming such as the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE), the Girl Scout Cookie Program, STEM initiatives, outdoor experiences, the BFF (“Be a Friend First”) series, and more.
  • Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy  (PDF) examines girls’ financial skills and expectations for their futures, demonstrating the critical need for financial literacy programs for girls.
  • “Who's that Girl: Images and Social Media” (PDF) examines girls’ social media behavior, illustrating the different personas that exist between how a girl presents herself online and in person.
  • “Real To Me: Girls and Reality TV” (PDF) looks at the relationship between girls’ reality TV viewing behavior and their skewed expectations of the world, demonstrating the importance of media literacy for girls.
  • “The Girl Scout Cookie Program: Teaching Essential Skills for a Lifetime” (PDF) offers key findings from research exploring what girls learn through their participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, and how the skills they gain impact their lives in positive ways.