• Learn more about Girl Scout Daisies (Grades K-1)
  • Learn more about Girl Scout Brownies (Grades 2-3)
  • Learn more about Girl Scout Juniors (Grades 4-5)
  • Learn more about Girl Scout Cadettes (Grades 6-8)
  • Learn more about Girl Scout Seniors (Grades 9-10)
  • Learn more about Girl Scout Ambassadors (Grades 10-12)

Grade Levels

As a Girl Scout, there are lots of ways to have fun, make friends, and do things that have a positive impact on your life, your school, and your world.

In Grades K-5, Girl Scouts earn badges, join a troop, hike and camp, and participate in the cookie program. In middle- and high school, girls can also explore careers in science and technology, travel the world, discover nature, and take on projects that transform their community.

But at every level, Girl Scouts have fun while making the world a better place!

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See what a great Girl Scout year can look like for each grade level:

Daisies (Grades K-1)

Grades K-1

Brownies (Grades 2-3)

Grades 2-3

Juniors (Grades 4-5)

Grades 4-5

Cadettes (Grades 6-8)

Grades 6-8

Seniors (Grades 9-10)

Grades 9-10

Ambassadors (Grades 10-12)

Grades 11-12

Any girl in grades K–12 can join the fun at Girl Scouts. Whether you want to be part of a troop , sign up for exciting series or events, explore the outdoors, or travel the world, each age level has something for you.

Girls are placed in the appropriate grade level according to what grade they’re in at school, as shown above.

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