It’s Your World—Change It!

The It’s Your World—Change It! Leadership Journey encourages girls at every age to make the world a better place, have fun, learn more—and find new friends along the way!

Whether it’s planting a garden, painting a mural, or launching a letter-writing campaign, Girl Scouts at every level experience unique leadership and advocacy challenges and discover what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world.

Learning and Fun for Everyone
Here are a few of the activities that make the It’s Your World—Change It! Journey so rewarding:

Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden

—In Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden, Daisies learn about the Girl Scout Promise and Law while planting a mini-garden, composting, or even talking to a beekeeper. Then they do a project using their new skills to help others or to improve their community.

Brownie Quest

—Girls learn how to take care of themselves, their families, their Girl Scout sisters, and their community in the Brownie Quest Journey. Together they read to younger kids, promote healthy eating, or choose a project that improves the lives of their neighbors.

Agent of Change

—As they explore their own talents and learn about women who have made the world better, Juniors following the Agent of Change Journey also discover the benefits of teamwork—whether it’s talking about energy use, helping a local food bank, or using their unique talents in other ways.

aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along

—Developing healthy relationships, navigating cliques, and moving beyond stereotypes are major themes in aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along. Cadettes team up on projects with younger girls, senior citizens, or classmates to share their new friendship-building skills.


—In GIRLtopia girls develop their own vision of an ideal world and acquire the skills to make it a reality. By exploring women in history, interviewing inspiring mentors, or creating a short film, Seniors learn real-life lessons while building a brighter future.

Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy

—Communication takes the stage in Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy. Girls spot problems, find solutions, and take action. Whether it’s making presentations, using social media, or lobbying government, Ambassadors raise their collective voices to make positive change.

Journey Awards
In a Girl Scout Journey, awards link experiences, discussions, and ideas that girls explore together. As Girl Scouts progress from Daisy to Ambassador, their awards symbolize new and higher levels of achievement—and ultimately a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader.

All the steps girls take toward earning awards are built into each Journey. Guidebooks for parents and adult volunteers also suggest meaningful ways to help girls celebrate earning awards and reflect on their accomplishments.  

Companion Guides for Adults
Adult guides for each level provide help for coaching girls along the way, and include a Journey overview, sample sessions, ideas on choosing and conducting activities, details on awards and badges, links to multimedia, online resources, and more. See samples.

Delivering Fun with Purpose

Everything girls do on Leadership Journeys is aimed at giving them the benefits of the Girl Scout Three Keys to Leadership: Discover, Connect, Take Action.

How It Works:

A girl Discovers her special skills and talents, finds the confidence to set challenging goals for herself, and strives to live by her values.

She Connects with others, learns how to team up, solve conflicts, and have healthy relationships.

Then, she Takes Action to make the world a better place, learning about her community and the world in the process.

To bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to life, activities are often led by girls themselves, feature cooperative learning, and highlight learning by doing. Each Journey is carefully designed to teach girls to come up with their own ideas, build teams, realize their full potential, and experience the joy of making a positive impact.


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